Dispose safely.

Every needle.
every time. 


The world of waste management is invisible to many people. They stuff something in a bag, toss it on the curb and it just…disappears. The truth is, what you throw out must pass through many hands.


Unsafe sharps disposal presents a health and safety risk to front-line waste workers.

There are currently no statistics for needlestick injuries in Nova Scotia, but in the U.S., they happen at an annual rate of 2.7 per 100 workers.



This campaign was created for the Waste Resource Association of Nova Scotia (WRANS), who wanted to show the safety risks faced by people who handle and sort our waste once it leaves the curb.

The campaign videos were shot on location in the Colchester Materials Recovery Facility in Kemptown, NS and on location in Truro, NS.

The producers talked to front-line waste workers about their experience and crafted a campaign to share their concerns about sharps disposal and to put human faces to the problem of unsafe disposal.

This campaign was launched in January 2019.



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